• Open Your Creative Channel

    I will share new techniques to incorporate into your own unique process to find your flow and open yourself to the creative forces supporting us all the time.

  • Production and Live Sets

    Learn how I approach music production in a way that is easily adapted to a live set allowing for improvising with collaborators live in the moment.

  • New Ideas & Inspiration

    I will share my top techniques that I have developed and refined over 12 years of production experience. Includes 14 hours of content plus 4 hours of bonus material.


“Wow. This masterclass is so rich and deep and filled with tons of inspiring content. Mose takes us on an intimate journey sharing his inspiring workflow and philosophy creating an entire track from scratch. Even after using Ableton for more than 15 years I still learned a lot in this course and I can recommend this course to anyone who is curious about how Mose creates his magic. Beginners will find a ton of value and advanced producers will get fresh inspiration and maybe new ideas since the way Mose approaches his creation process is very unique.”

Steffen Ki (ALUNA)

“Losing the sense of time is easy with this lovely deep dive course from Mose with his view and beliefs regarding his signature style of hypnotic music. He gives a deep dive into his production process with tricks, tips and techniques all the way.”


“This course deeply resonates with me, from technical to philosophical standpoint and everything in between. Mose opened up his heart and shared the knowledge of a true master in a way that can inspire a beginner or an experienced producer. The sheer amount of valuable information makes this masterclass an indispensable "tool" for music production of any genre or style. It could easily be watched several times in a year, as some information contained in it will be revealed only thru practice of the various production processes described in it. ”

Gregor Zemljic (Mastering Enginner & Producer)

“As a beginner with Ableton, I have found this masterclass to be extremely helpful in many ways. It has allowed me to gain a greater facility with Ableton but also has helped me to think about how I want to organize my own creative process. I recommend it to anyone interested in working with Ableton. ”

Eli Cagen (Music Teacher, Jazz Musician)

“Going through the class gave me such incredible perspective and understanding into your process and inspired me to dive deeper into my own intention and commitment with music. Of course technically I learned a lot of really useful tricks, and I really loved how you have a clear philosophy that guides all your decisions. I'm super happy with everything I learned and definitely feel like I can now take my music to a whole other level.”

Andrei Matorin

“The videos are dynamic, interactive and motivate the student to explore their creativity intuitively. The complete process of producing music is explained deeply with clarity while being lighthearted. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your wisdom, vision and experience on the music path.”


“This course features an invaluable amount of content. Mose shows us ALL the stages of his production without omitting any detail with simplicity and effectiveness. The first chapter of the course concerning his philosophy and vision regarding music was one of the sections that I most appreciated and which has already started to give concrete results in my daily practice and vision too. Thanks Mose!”


“Mose's Masterclass is a fantastic educational tool for those wanting to hone their music production skills, especially around creativity. He shows you how to infuse your own creative spark into each song so that you're not only creating music, but a whole vibe as well.”

Jesse Klein

“This masterclass by Mose is really something next level. The way he explains his creative process in depth, philosophical approach and music production tips / ideas gives this masterclass a whole new dimension. Easy to follow and understand. Really well created masterclass! Definitely recommend.”

Art I Am

“For me this course is an honest and natural way of transmitting knowledge and experience. It was very inspiring to watch Mose work and proves one important thing: Having a method and being organized makes the difference in music production. ”

Zentrip Muzik

Course Flow

    1. All Course Downloads

    1. Philosophy pt. 1

    2. Philosophy pt. 2

    3. Philosophy pt. 3

    1. Introduction

    2. Session View vs. Arrangement View

    3. Template Demonstration

    4. Template Example Track

    5. Example Track Live Jam

    6. Beginning a New Project

    1. Kick Philosophy & Impact

    2. Kick Design

    3. Reference Kicks - Big and Boomy or Tight and Punchy?

    4. Clap/Snare

    5. Hi Hat

    1. Percussion Introduction

    2. Working with Recordings/Loops

    3. Handsonic Midi Drum Sampler

    4. Groove

    5. Syncopation with Delay

    6. Refinement of Percussion

About this course

  • $777.00
  • 134 lessons
  • 18 hours of video content

Downloadable Material

Gain access to valuable curated downloadable material to support the course and your own creative process.

  • Download the full Ableton project file for the released track "Offering"

  • Receive some of my own custom Ableton devices that I have built and use frequently

  • Download my Ableton Live template that I use to start every track

  • Download my Ableton Live Set/DJ Template that I use to play live

  • Get a list of all my favorite plugins and sample packs

Bonus Material

In addition to learning the tips and techniques that I use to produce and play live sets you will also receive:

  • Quarterly Q&A

    I will be available for a live group Q&A every 3 months to answer your questions about the program (available for 2 years from enrollment date).

  • Access to an Exclusive Community

    All course participants will have exclusive access to a community to ask questions and support each other through the course.

  • Three Bonus Modules

    1 : Beauty of Minimalism - I break down one of my more minimal tracks to show that you don't need to do much to create a deep journey. 2 : Music Business - I explain how to get your music out there in the most effective way (I have a business degree). 3 : A full in depth mastering course of 3 hours given by Gregor Zemljic - a world class mastering engineer. He includes the full process he applied to the mastering of Offering.

Activate your unique production flow

About Mose

"12 years of refining my process distilled into one comprehensive course"

Mose Cagen

Mose is based in Guatemala and tours the world sharing his unique approach to ceremonial dance music. Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose.


  • What do I need to do this course?

    A copy of Ableton Live 11 (90 free demo is available on their site). A solid pair of headphones or monitors. A midi piano keyboard is helpful but not required.

  • How much experience do I need to do this course?

    This course is not designed for complete beginners. If you have never touched Ableton I suggest doing a beginner course first. If you have been playing around with Ableton and have a general idea of how it works, this is enough experience to do this course and you will definitely learn a lot! See my recommendations for beginner courses at the bottom of this page.

  • If I am already an advanced Ableton user will I be bored?

    No - this course has something for everyone. It's not just going over technical approaches. The essence is a deep dive into my process to provide inspiration and new ideas for producers of all levels.

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